Reduce Procedure Time

SIGMOLUX is supplied complete and fully disposable. Insufflator, reservoir, everything, is included. With SIGMOLUX there is no power supply to find, and maybe charge, there are no wires that need to be sleeved/cleaned/disinfected, no assembly required. SIGMOLUX is lightweight, clear and ergonomic. You can be up and running in moments.

Simply remove SIGMOLUX from its individual pouch, pull the light tab and use.

That's it. Compare this with either the power pack light source or external illuminator alternatives.

Not only is there no preparation, perhaps even more importantly there is no clean up required. Once used there are no power supplies to disconnect, no sleeves/sheaths to dispose of, no cleaning, no disinfection and storage of parts. After use the entire product can be thrown into the clinical waste bin reducing cross contamination risks. As an entirely self-contained product, with SIGMOLUX every use is with a brand new product – there is no need to hold duplicate products/power supplies/chargers/leads etc.

Compare the time taken to set up and clean up after an individual case between your current system and SIGMOLUX®, to see the time saving benefits of SIGMOLUX®.

Reduce Costs

Time isn’t only money, it’s also lost opportunity. The time spent in set up and post procedure clean up can be better spent. Compare the time/cost you save by using SIGMOLUX with your current procedural approach and you can see that not only will you save both time and money, you’ll cut down on the amount of hardware in your area too.


SIGMOLUX benefits from the feature set shown below, however we’ve worked hard to ensure that our costs and pricing are accessible to all users.


SIGMOLUX is fully disposable, single use, individually packed and is complete, with no assembly required. SIGMOLUX is self-illuminated. Illumination is provided by a single use light pack incorporated into the product, easily activated by a pull tab. The illuminator operates at maximum intensity for over 30 minutes, far longer than the procedures for which the product is intended. Light is transmitted via an optical light guide bringing maximum illumination close to the site of interest.

SIGMOLUX incorporates our patented 'Clear View' system which ensures that the light guide terminal is never occluded, ensuring maximum illumination.

Single use combined with full disposability enables you to have the product available and working in the minimum timeframe, with no clean up required once the procedure is complete.

With SIGMOLUX you save time and money, contact us, or your local dealer for a demonstration.