Safe, Surgeon Designed

Comfort, for users and patients


Back in 2006 University College London (UCL) researchers working in the endoscopy field became frustrated that the majority of specula and endoscopes available for use were at the very least sub optimal and often not fit for purpose. Worse still, some of the products they encountered were actually dangerous, with recorded incident of specula shattering while in use, injuring not only patients, but even operators. In addition to the safety aspects, the researchers recognised problems of poor illumination of the examination areas.

As a result they applied the scientific resources of the University, backed by funding by UCL Business, to develop a new generation of products specifically designed to address the problems they had encountered. The result is the EVEXAR SIGMOLUX® Sigmoidoscope.

No other product offers the combination of features and benefits provided by SIGMOLUX. UCL was ranked fourth in the world’s top 10 universities by the QS World University Ranking in 2012.


SIGMOLUX is designed to address the concerns of users with respect to material choices, all materials are shatterproof, with additional designed-in strength to the barrel and handle.

All EVEXAR products are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the Medical Device Directive and bear the 'CE' mark


SIGMOLUX reduces cross infection from the sigmoidoscope system. SIGMOLUX emerges from its packaging untouched from when it was produced. After use the entire device including the integral light source can be simply dropped into the clinical waste.


The weight and dimensions of the SIGMOLUX sigmoidoscope were defined by ensuring that the designers interacted with users until agreement was reached. The centre of gravity is within the handle, removing rotational torque, the included tubing is sufficiently long to enable no twisting action to be applied to the sigmoidoscope in use, but short enough to ensure that inflation bulb remains to hand.

The viewing window has a custom seal to ensure complete the system remains air-tight when the obturator has been removed and the viewing window is closed.

Patient comfort is addressed by the use of smooth ‘soft’ edges for the barrel lip and an obturator with a smooth and graded entry profile using high gloss materials. The patented ‘Clear View’ system keeps the light guide clear of debris and ensures maximum delivered illumination at all times.

Environmental Policy

EVEXAR, manufacturers of the SIGMOLUX® sigmoidoscope take their responsibilities seriously and work to comply with all applicable global environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice.

Within design, manufacture and distribution we work to ensure that the environmental impact is assessed and such impact minimised where appropriate.

Maintain an effective process of assessment of products and processes regarding environmental impact, particularly with respect to:

  • Maintain processes within the accredited Quality Management System to ensure that these processes are recorded and reviewed and where appropriate, effective corrective and preventive action implemented.
  • Ensure that processes within the Quality Management System are audited and assessed for improvement.
  • Ensure that process equipment is effectively managed so that it maintains energy efficiency and that risk of environmental impact through breakdown or spillage is minimised.
  • Ensure that all personnel are aware of these processes and their responsibilities concerning their implementation by virtue of effective and documented training and appropriate re-training.
  • Maintain effective, documented customer complaint, accident and incident and disaster recovery processes that incorporate necessary regulatory reporting.